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Edward Drayton & Aida Moore

Family Tree from Edward Drayton to Aida Moore.


Edward, father of Henry (1791, born in Birmingham, Alabama

Henry (1809-          +            wife,  Cornelia (1819-., 
James Island
Residence - James Island = 1870,1910,1920; St Andrews = 1880

Children of Henry and Cornelia

Andrew (1859-
Edward (1851-
Dacchus (1864-, Charleston
Elsie (1869-, Charleston  + _____ White
Hetty (1848-, Charleston, Res: 1870
Charles (Aug 1852- (married in 1878 to Sarah / Sallie 
(1850-16th Feb 1925)(Sarah’s parents = Stepney and Charlotte Anderson)  
(Charles and Sallie’s residence = Charleston, Res: 1870 + 1900
Jerry (1850, James Island - 16th March 1924)   +  wife, 
Cornelia Fludd (1859, James Island - 24th July 1922)

Children of Charles and Sarah

Maria (1883-
Maggie (1885-1905) married Hicks Moore
Charles (1883-
Hercules (1891-
Henry (15th Aug 1892- , WW1 Draft 5th June 1917 - 
Residence at the time = 39 Archdale Street, Charleston)
Peter (26th Feb 1878-, WW1 Draft 12th Sep 1918 - 
Residence = 5 West Street, Charleston)
(Undertaker in McClennanville in 1925)
Earnest (1894-    (married to Diana (1905-

Children of Earnest and Diana

Mary L
Nora (1918-
Elisa (1927-
Charles (1920-
Peter (1924-
Harold (1928-
Pearl (1922-
Earnest Jr (1915- (? Married to Ellen Holloman 
(22nd Feb 1912- 19th May 2000, Aiken, SC)

Children of Jerry Sr and Cornelia

Frank (1872-,Charleston
David (1877,Charleston - 5th June 1944)
Rebecca(1874-, Charleston
Jerry Jr (1879-6th Jan 1933),  + 1st wife, Katherine 
(1880- + daughter, Mary (1898-; 2nd wife, Hattie (1884-, 
married in 1906 + daughter, Mary (1908-
Richard (1891-
Annet (1886-
Louisa (1885-
Margaret (1866-,Charleston, married Hicks Moore in 1892, 
residence: James Island 1900
(grandchildren of Jerry Sr = Will Mack (1887-; 
Virginia Brown (1903-; Frank Brown (1904-; Regina Brown (1904-)

Children of Mike Moore (1842 - + wife, 
Frances Alltallap (1844- (both born in Africa) 

Hicks (married Margaret Drayton) + Donnie (married to Sue Ferguson) 
+ William Deeks + Samuel + Mack + Reese + Mattie 
+ Wilson (married to Louisa Prioleau)

Children of Wilson and Louisa

Wilhelmina (15th Nov 1887-Jan 1966) (married to Richard Cromwell Jr 
(23rd Jan 1883-17th Jun 1939, James Island, SC)
(Richard WW1 Draft 5th Jun 1917)

Children of Wilhelmina and Richard

Christopher (-2007, NY) + wife, Janey

Children of Christopher and Janey

Cynthia (married to ____ Middleton

Children of Margaret and Hicks 

Ida (Feb 1892-1977 (surname Hudnal) (married to Prophet Blake)
Lizzie (May 1896-
Mary (May 1899-
John (Apr 1893 - 27th Dec 1942, James Island), 
(?)married 1st living Middleton daughter of Edgar M 
(1898- and Ellen (1898-; 2nd Rosa Lee Milton (7th Dec 1895, 
Charleston - 22nd Oct 1957, Charleston)

Children of John and Rosa

Herman Lawrence (17th Jan 1923, James Island - 15th Feb 1999, 
Philadelphia, PA) + wife, _____ Bonds Murray
Fred Henderson (10th July 1923, Hampton, GA-25th Feb 2003, 
Snellville, GA) + wife, Audrey Elaine Foster
John Henry (7th Dec 1913-Jun 1985) + wife, Aida White 
(12th Apr 1912-10th Oct 2005, Camden, Jasper, SC) 
= daughter of Wellington White (1862- and Lizzie
Brown (1870-

Son of John Henry and Aida = Arthur Bernard (2nd Apr 1934-6th Sep 2000) 
+ 1st wife, living Bryant; 2nd wife, Bernice Hester Ford 
died May 2001, Brooklyn, New York.

Children of Wellington and Lizzie

Franklin (1914-
Ada (1913-
Diana (1911-
Louvenia (1906-
Janey (1918-

Wellington and Lizzie lived next door to Jerry and Cornelia 
on James Island in the 1920 Census.

In 1854, Wellington White, Aida’s father, after the death of his father, 
Pappy White, moved to Stile Bee Plantation to become the overseer 
and foreman there. Prince (Pappy) White was of Indian heritage. 
He was the overseer at Seabrook Plantation, then brought 
from Wadmalaw Island to slave market in Charleston. 
Sons were sold to different plantations - Prince Jr 
(1867- sold to Grimball Plantation (I question this, 
because this was after slavery!).

These four pages are an extract from Mr. Frazier’s Illustrated Book – James Island: Descendants of Slaves From the Plantations.

These pages are taken from the excellently researched book: “James Island – Stories From Slave Descendants” by Eugene Frazier Sr., published by History PRESS, Charleston, SC.

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