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African American Draytons and Allied Families

Using all kinds of records on, I’ve been able to put together family trees (albeit fragmentary) of African American Draytons, beginning with those in South Carolina. The records range from Censuses from 1870 up to 1930; Freedmen’s Bank Records (1865-1874); Civil War records – e.g. those who fought in the United States Colored Troops; World Wars I and II records; records of births, marriages and deaths – the latter, including obituaries; shipping records – i.e arrivals and departures, and immigration and passport applications; information from newspaper articles; and other material both official and unofficial.

N.B. In order to view the records legibly, first click on the image of the record you want to view, then you will see the larger image.  Click that image to zoom in. 

Click here for the list of records

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