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Posts from the ‘African American Draytons and Allied Families’ Category

Rance/Ransom Drayton

Here are the research findings on the Drayton family from Rance / Ransom born in South Carolina and moving to Helena, Arkansas, where he died. It would be interesting where in SC he was born and why he and his family left SC – lack of jobs or racism or both?
After further research I believe I discovered that Rance’s parents’ names were Jack and Susan, and they lived in Statesburg Township in Sumter County, SC. Jack was a farmer and his eldest children were farm labourers.  Read more

Aaron Drayton

Here are the 1880 and 1910 Census Records for Adams Run – which feature the name – Aaron Drayton. I’m in touch with an Aaron Drayton, who told me that the one featured in both is his great-grandfather. Both grandfather and his father were also named Aaron. You will notice that there is a Phillis Drayton, who is mother of the Aaron featured, but no father. We have yet to discover who he was, and why the name Drayton was chosen. Also who was Phillis? It is going to be difficult to find out. I have also attached an obituary notice of a Maybell Drayton, wife of the late Joseph Drayton.  Read more

Nancy Weston Grimke

These photos form part of the Grimke Family Collection at the Moorland Springarn Research Center. They clearly are all of the same subject. Notice the chair, the dress, and the necklace.   Read more

Children of William and Norma Drayton

Here is some more information about the children of William Henry Drayton and his wife, Norma Allston (maiden name = Holloway). You need to look at this in conjunction with the other family tree, just posted.   Read more

Children of William Henry Drayton and Norma Allston (nee Holloway)

I’m posting information on the family of William Henry Drayton and his wife, Norma Allston (maiden name = Holloway). You will notice that many of the family moved from Charleston and settled in Chicago.  Read more

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