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20 Glebe Street, Charleston

This is the house where I was able to stay during my visit to Charleston. It is owned by the College of Charleston. Clearly it had a distinguished past. See for yourself!  Read more

Collage of Family Portraits and Trees

Lowcountry Ricefields

The area closest to the sea down the coast from South Carolina down to Florida is known as the Lowcountry. It is where rice was grown in slavery days, because the region resembles the coast of West Africa, where the local population had produced rice for many generations and from slaves were bought and transported across the Atlantic on the so-called Middle Passage to the Americas.  Read more

Old Photos of Charleston after the Civil War

These photos of Charleston were taken by a Northern photographer in the aftermath of the defeat of the Confederacy. Read more

My Journey to the Lowcountry

Since September 2006 I have been regularly visiting Charleston and the Lowcountry – low because it is the region closest to the sea – in other words, marshy and tidal. Charleston was at one time the capital of the State of South Carolina, until Columbia was built soon after the Revolutionary War or as the British call it, the War of American Independence.

There is more information under the section dedicated to Charleston and the LC.

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