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The Descendants of Thomas Drayton the Elder

Eddie Drayton sent me this. He is a resident of Sumter, SC, a direct descendant of William Henry Drayton, of whom you can find information elsewhere on this website, and therefore a cousin of mine. Thomas Drayton was born in Atherstone, Warwickshire and may very well be related to Michael Drayton, the Elizabethan poet, who was Shakespeare’s friend. There is a record of a Thomas Drayton Jr leaving Barbados for Charlestown in April 1679. This Drayton family tree goes up to the present generation.  Read more

William Henry Drayton

Son of John Drayton, the builder of Drayton Hall. Revolutionary.

Thomas Fenwick Drayton and Percival Drayton

These two brothers were the sons of William Drayton, Chief Justice in Philadelphia. One, Thomas Fenwick, was a Confederate General, and the other, a captain in the Federal navy.

Descendants of Thomas Drayton

1. Thomas Drayton , Hon (Thomas Drayton , Magnolia Plantation1) was born 1700 in of Magnolia Plantation, and died 11 Nov 1760. Read more

The Will of Sarah Maria Drayton, dated 1840

This is the will of Sarah Maria Drayton, who is the sister of Sarah Drayton Grimke, and therefore the aunt of Rev. John Grimke-Drayton and Theodore Drayton Grimke, my great-great grandfather. Read more

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