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Family Trees


Drayton Family Tree (Abbreviated)

Drayton Hall owners/operators in bold, all caps

Drayton Family Tree

This family tree is used with the kind permission of Drayton Hall

Some important events in the timeline…

  1. John began construction on Drayton Hall in 1738 and moved in by 1742
  2. John’s will provided for Drayton Hall to pass to Rebecca and to their children, most particularly John, Jr.
  3. Charles purchased Drayton Hall from his step-mother probably in 1785. His ownership was challenged in court by William Henry Drayton’s son John. A settlement was reached and Charles retained sole ownership.
  4. Births and deaths were difficult to record during the American Revolution, and many records were lost.
  5. Charles II left the house to his sons, who had joint ownership during their lifetimes. Charles III ran the property until his death. John ran it until the beginning of the Civil War, and returned briefly after the war before moving to Mexico in late 1865.
  6. Ms. Charlotta owned the house with her siblings, but she used it more often and far longer than they. Her brother Charles left his shares of the house to his two sons. Charlotta left her share to them in 1969 and those two brothers sold the house to the Trust so that it will be preserved for future generations.
  7. During the acquisition ceremony, the keys to the property were passed on to Chad Drayton, Charles’s son, who gave them to the Trust.

Grimke-Drayton Family Tree

Surnames are in caps. If there is no capital then the child takes the surname of the father.

(I.E John Drayton (1917-2003) is John Drayton HASTIE)

Grimke-Drayton Family Tree

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