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Church Groups

I welcome the opportunity to come to give talks, illustrated by a powerpoint presentation, and based on my genealogical research, family history, my poetry and my spiritual journey. The events usually follow the same pattern – 50-55 minutes for the talk, followed by a 15-20 question and answer session (sometimes the most valuable part of the evening).

Perhaps to illustrate the final two aspects of my talks, here is an unpublished poem I have written – unpublished, meaning not in either the current collection nor in the next:



If I could rise from the ground on angel-wings,

And like the mighty eagle, soar high

Among the wispy clouds,

I’d whistle into the gale,

Laugh at the growling thunder,

And out of the driving storm

Believe I’d see beyond the rainbow’s edge

Into the panorama of crystal, blue sky,

And move through the breathless

Heat of the sun.

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