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A Family Divided – by Janet Stevenson (from American Heritage Magazine)
The Grimke sisters forsook their heritage to fight for abolition. Then, many years later, their brother’s terrible sin came back to haunt them

Narrative and Testimony of Sarah M Grimke (1830)
This is a record of her own observations of the cruelties of slavery in Charleston and South Carolina

An Epistle to the Clergy of the Southern States
A letter to challenge them on their view of slavery, by Sarah M Grimke.

Address at Pennsylvania Hall by Angelina Grimke (Weld) (1838)
Angelina quote: As a Southerner I feel it is my duty to stand up here tonight and bear testimony against slavery”

Archibald Grimke (1849-1930)
Biography of Archibald Grimke from slave to civil rights leader

The Shame of America or the Negro’s Case Against the Republic, 1920
Archibald’s essay which issues the challenge to face the real implications of the Declaration of Independence in the light of equal rights to all citizens.

Links to External Essays

Anti-slavery group begins long walk for freedom

After 400 years, Virginia issues official apology for slavery

Liverpool and the American Civil War

Liverpool and the Atlantic Slave Trade

Cowes Rice Trade

Buying and Selling Human Beings

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